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IP Telephony

Save Money

Reduce your telephone costs and increase your flexibility over traditional phone systems. Our cloud telephony offer secure and reliable telephony that provides a competitive edge to your business, with calls from as little as £0.006 per minute.

Remote working solution

Ever wish you could use your office phone system functionality, no matter where you are, and could access your office calls remotely on the same number as your office phone number? Our system will enable you to do this with ease and give you limitless mobility for your remote working needs.

Outlook Integration

Allows your Desktop PC Client to integrate with Microsoft Outlook allowing you to use the phone system without leaving Outlook. This integration means that you can call any of your Outlook contacts at the click of a button, removing the need to duplicate address books across systems.

Mobility and Hot Desking

Empower your employees with flexible, connected and responsive calling. Each employee will have a unique number that follows them everywhere they go, enabling them to make and revive calls via their desk, smartphone, computer, or anywhere there is an Internet connection. Our service works perfectly in a Hot Desking office environment. Users can log in at any phone at any desk and be automatically presented with their configured profile, removing the need for a physical device for every user.

Visual Voicemail

Our Visual Voicemail converts speech-to-text automatically and turns your voicemail into a helpful visual message, saving you time listening to your voicemails and allowing you to read your voice messages on the go.

Desktop Clients

Your PC/MAC can act as a softphone, enabling you to make and recive calls using a headset, or your computers built in microphone and speakers.

VoIP on your Mobile

Use your mobile phone as if it's your office phone via an easy to use smartphone app. Your office number, directory and collaboration facilities travel with you, so you always have everything to hand at the touch of a button and can work from anywhere where there is WiFi or 3G/4G connectivity available. Allowing you to work as you would in the office with no change in functionality.

Call Recording

Our call recording functionality provides you with a flexible and reliable call recording service to meet the particular needs of your business. Call Recording can be enabled without the need for additional hardware. You can record conversations with quick access to review them meaning that you’ll always have important details to hand. An ideal solution for training and dispute resolution.

Prefer Hardware?

If you prefer to use a desk phone, we offer a range of fully compatible business class IP phones.

Business Features

Our business class phone service provides full PBX funationality + Instant Messaging + Meet Me Conferencing + Video Calling + Visual Voicemail.

We are a leading VoIP provider in the Midlands, providing businesses with huge savings and competitive work practices. Please call to see how we can help you.