How do you measure great IT support?

It is not just about hardware and software, it’s about performance targets whist supporting the IT strategy as part of the overall aims of the business. In addition, it’s also about users and how we ensure user productivity through IT uptime.

To provide you with our innovative and leading performance we maintain strict service criteria in relation to the following areas:

  1. Response Times
    Massive changes in customer expectations means that the speed of response times isn’t a luxury – it is a necessity. To surpass this challenge we ensure that calls are answered within 20 seconds and first line support (telephone support) is instigated within 3 minutes of receiving the call. If telephone support cannot fix your issue, we ensure that an engineer will be onsite within 2 hours.
  2. Fix Metrics
    Rigorous training programmes enable our engineers to fix issues quicker, minimising down time and disruption.  Our enhanced skill sets are back with over 10 years experience, leading to faster detection and repair.